Home Exercises To Lose Weight

Performing home exercises to lose weight have several benefits of their own. First, it's cheap (or zero cost usually), since you're doing it inside of your house you don't have to worry about driving your car with sweaty clothes after the workout and also you don't have to worry about how better "others" are looking or how much they've "accomplished" (which of course can work in both ways, btw) and most importantly for some people where they do better while at competitive surroundings but others they do exceptionally well when left alone. So if you have the latter characteristics then you can benefit more than anyone actually.

But before moving into the exercises list I must tell you that depending on your age, weight, etc and also if you already have certain kind of illnesses such as heart problems, low and high blood pressures, etc then before doing these fitness exercises please go and get your doctor's opinion first which is a must to avoid difficulties. And one other thing as I pointed out in the previous article about does drinking water help you lose weight make sure to drink water within 30 minutes of time intervals to get the maximum results and also to avoid dehydration, etc.

Now let's talk about some of the physical fitness exercises that you can do to burn some of that fat. And again remember before doing exercises you must make sure that your muscles receives enough amounts of blood thus making them more elastic which not only helps to improve while bending, pushing, etc but helps tremendously to avoid unnecessary muscle strains which can sometimes take months to fully heal. So...

Do these Warm up Exercises first

*. You can start by performing leg stretches first for this. To do this (see the below picture) bend your upper body and try to touch your toe with your fingers on the right leg first and then come up and go for the left leg toe. Do this several times until you feel some heat (temperatures) risings on your thigh muscles, back, etc.

*. Another thing that you do is (sees the picture below) try to bend and bring your knees up (until they touch the abdominal area - this will be difficult for beginners so do as far as you can) and at the maximum stretched position (touching the belly) keep it there for few seconds and then move to the other knee. Do this few times to let blood come to your knees which helps to add some elastic abilities to them and will make them stronger also.

*. And you can also use few of these that are described in the picture as well and make sure to do some light exercises for your arms (as in the pictures) before moving into the next section.

Few Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

1. Push-ups.

This is one of the most basic exercises actually and as the name suggests all you have to do is push up and down. To do this keep your legs straight and hands beneath and come down (using your hands as the weight holders) until your chest gently touches the ground and then go up until your hands are fully unfolded.

2.  Use the Stair Case

If you have a stair case then try to walk as fast as you can from the bottom to the up. And then from up to the bottom again. This is another great way to lose some of the fat on your thigh especially.

3. Jumping Rope

This is my personal favorite and the reason is simple I've had tremendous success with this exercises when it comes to losing few pounds and with the proper amounts both in the exercise and the food I've lost few pounds within few days (3-4).

To do this you'll need a rope although the best ones has to be purchased (with ball bearings, etc) but a normal nylon rope would be just fine (that's what I use still). Now this is a bit difficult first and after few days you'll get used to the rhythm and it'll be real easy after wards.

Now hold the both ends of the rope in your palms and the rule for the proper length is when you hold them on the ends of both sides then drop the hands (while still holding the nylon rope) to your knees and the curved rope should still be touching the ground (not by that much but just enough....).

Now as in the picture angel your hands a little bit and rotate the rope and let it go beneath your legs and when they pass the legs jump. And again don't jump too much just enough for the rope to pass is the best amount. And first you'll be able to do it like 60 seconds without stopping and even to do it without a trouble will take few days. But don't give up and I guarantee if you want to lose weight fast this is one of the best exercises out there. And as the time goes you'll be able to do each session about 8-10 minutes. I do this at least 3 days per week about (15 minutes each time). To reach this timeframe will take some time but trust me it's totally worth it!.

If you have weight loss meal replacement shakes (whey protein shakes and other liquid diets, etc) then you can drink them after the workout and remember to drink some water which is also essential to you. There are other workouts that you can do to lose some of the belly fat, etc which I will be explaining in a future article until then do few of these at home exercises to lose weight and again if you have health issues please go see your doctor first.

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